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The Feminisation Program Pt1 Transformation Check The Cuck Box Tony cannot believe how quickly he has got used to being told what to do by the assertive women. It seems perfectly natural to surrender himself to them totally. He babbles on to try and hide his nervousness, but the women aren't fooled for a moment. They are happy to play up to him and stimulate his lithe naked body. Their intoxicating closeness drives him wild as he's trapped between their warm clothed bodies. She Rules
Trailer From Forced Orgasm Tease & Denial Training The New Girl Pt2 Triple Flogging Cheyenne de Murie - The  Rubber Object in the Clinic Elise Graves stars in one of her first roles as Dom. She uses various sized sounds and shoves them down her slaves urethra. She decides to see how much he can take and grabs the large vibrating sound. After a long sensual and teasing session, the slave gets off and cums solely from the sensation of the vibrating sound in his cock.
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Bad Maid Good Pt2 Intensive Cum Care For his final punishment, Mistress Mona bends max over and ties his cock and balls to his collar and his arms behind his back.  with him in this stress position, she canes and whips his ass, causing him to pull against his own cock and balls and causing his own pain. Sperm Sample The female judges in CFNM Wars allow the final competitor Nathan to come out for inspection. He’s a tall masculine athlete who is used to always winning. The girls also bring out stud Paddy O’Brien for comparison. They take their time to enjoy Nathan’s big heavy penis and rock hard backside - unconcerned for the embarrassment they are causing this shy giant. See these men put through tests of physical endurance while completely naked.
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Super Suction Milker Real-Time Footage 247 Slavery Day 2 Pt. 1of3 Gloryhole Training A Little Tied Up at the Moment They Own Your Cock
Dungeon Dolly Milking Training The New Girl Pt1 Rubber Feminisation Her Fuck Face A guy can't resist punishment from 2 BBWs
Rubber Fuck and Milk Real-Time Footage 247 Slavery - Day 3 Pt. 4of4 Strict and bound leather handjob BBW mistress face-sitting her obedient slave in WC Mistress Mina has a first time slave in the dungeon. He has never experienced any form of CBT ever. She takes him on a wild ride and explores his limits as a submissive and how much pain he can take. She clamps his balls into a wooden ball crusher and tightens it down to see just how far she can take it. He is nervous and imitated by everything she has to show him.
The English Mansion
The English Mansion - Women Use Men for their Pleasure
Dominant women sexually use and turn men into their playthings and sex slaves. Real sessions of Mistresses and Prodoms who love abusing and humiliating their slaves with CBT, NT, CP, strapons and WS.
Femme Fatale Films
Femme Fatale Films - Exclusive Hardcore Femdom BDSM
World where men are used, degraded, transformed, and controlled by women for their sexual pleasure... Exclusive Hardcore Femdom BDSM - Multiple Mistresses - Mobile Device Compatible - HD Quality Films
Kinky Mistresses
Kinky Mistresses - exclusive content, regular updates and high quality action movies
Wild, kinky and deliciously dirty Femdom movie action. High quality action movies all hosted by the notorious Lady Natalie Black, arguably the most kinky Mistress on the planet.
Rewarded For CBT Syonera von Styx - Female Doctor Spread, Filled and Figged Femdom Ellie has her slave in a tough spot. His balls are tied to his feet, so he can't stand up. Ellie tells him that if he can stand up and reach his mouth to her tits or ass, that he can have them. Try as he may, his balls just aren't going stretch far enough, but he does everything he can for the chance to kiss and taste Ellie's amazing body. Husband Home Gym
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Husband And The Vamp Rebekah and Rose have their male captive exactly where they want him. Tied up naked they have full access to his body. They probe his ass and stick their nails up his piss slit. Then it's on to some ball-busting to express their full dominance over him. The two clothed controlling women then decide it's hot and their playmate needs to cool off - so they obligingly soak him with water-pistols. As the water collects in the bucket tied to his cock and balls his genitals are weighed down causing him... Punished and denied panty sniffer Intense facesitting with fat 120kg butt Lea Lexis & Lexi Sindel strap-on
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Countess Patrizia - Strapon Fuck on the Gyn Chair Kicking Real-Time Footage 247 Slavery - Day 3 Pt. 1of4 Lady Inessa - Big Balls, Saline Injection With slave william hunched over, Femdom Kat ties up his balls with a string long enough to go up his ass, over his shoulders, and attaches it to his toes.
BBW bitch punishing a waiter in the restaraunt Nurses wrath Miss Olive isn't convinced that her slave, deviant kade, is happy to see her. So she decides to remind him why he should be sincerely happy to be in her presence.  She has him kneel on two cinder blocks as she smacks his cock and balls.  She has him extend his cock out in front of his body with two fingers as she canes the shaft of his cock. Slave is allowed to anally fuck his Femdom and creampies her ass Rubberboy Electrics
Empress Hikari has a new slave, and she is less than thrilled with his behavior. He infuriates her by picking up the wrong type of rubber bands on his trip to the office supply store, and his refusal to walk hunched over, the way she believes all men should.  She punishes him in several different ways for his bad behavior. This lucky slave has the great privilege of being spit roasted by two beautiful and powerful Mistresses The British Institution - Mistress Ashleigh Double penetration with a shemale Alexis Grace Ass Worship
Staked Out In The Woods The British Institution - Mistress Jo is back Rikki Six - blonde bombshell  Asian Persuasion Pinned To The Board
Crazy Nurse The British Institution - Sadista Cleaning Bitch Correcting My Sissy Maid Real-Time Footage 247 Slavery - Day 4 Pt. 2of3
18 Dom
Pure Teen Domination! Uncensored and brutal teen domination videos!
18yo bitches humiliate misbehaving guys. Slaves are so naked and vunerable and have no choice but to shut the fuck up and do anything to please their mistresses, so young yet so experienced and cruel
The British Institution
The British Institution
Cruel British Mistresses. Wet, muddy, freezing and dark. Whipped, Belted, Beaten, Shoes Licking.
CBT and Ballbusting
CBT and Ballbusting - Real Femdoms, Hardcore CBT
Beautiful women in their rightful place! Bound slave, real femdoms, hardcore CB.
Real couple loves anal leather sex Real-Time Footage 24/7 Slavery - Day 5 pt. 1of3 Mistress Cheyenne gets her slave on his back and does some very painful CBT to him with sharp brushes and ball crushers. For his reward for enduring it, she wires up a tens unit while his balls are being crushed and forces him to cum by cranking up the voltage all the way until he explodes with a massive cum shot! Riley Reid Queening Lady Bellatrix teases cuckold slaves
Real-Time Footage 247 Slavery - Day 3 Pt. 2of4 Gummi Sex Slave Lorelei Lee pits 3 slaveboys against each other and the last man standing gets to fuck her but even he pays a hefty price in the end! A Weekend at The English Mansion - Slave Picking Chastity Trials Drone
Brutal BBW facesitting and femdom ass worship in the toilet Mistress Cheyenne comes back to bust some more cock and balls. This time, she gets a guy that is clearly doing it for the money. Of course we have to pay the guy something to be in front of the camera, and you can tell that's why he is doing it. It's great to watch Cheyenne smacking, clipping, and caning his cock and balls. He screams, yells and squirms the whole time. Dominant cat bitch captures rubbin Two hot Dommes play with the male slave Mistress CoCo, Medical Play
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 2-Way Sex Toy His New Position Rugby boy Nick is brought sternly under control under the authoritative female presenter and the mischievous schoolgirls. Stripped down to his jock strap the girls give his ass a paddling to put him in his place. They tease and tug at his cock until he unwillingly grows a large erection while being filmed for a very special TV show. Lady Alexa - Rubber Clinic Humiliating femdom exam of a muscular guy
The British Institution - More Sadista Sperm donation under nurse femdom control The visit Tiffany Tyler Strap-on Princess Shoe Tease
Metal Ball Stakeout Pointy Toes Sharp Heels Electric Milking Machine The ever so hot and kinky ashley Fires decided it's her turn to work over kade. She starts out with a little Pony Play to see how obedient he is. Just to make it interesting though, she attaches a humbler to kade's balls and makes him crawl around the floor while trying to kiss ashley's perfect ass, only to painfully stretch his balls to the limits. The Feminisation Program Pt2
Wife's Chastity Tease The British Institution - Mistress Rebekka Raynor Alyssa Branch Pussy Tease Nurses wrath Lady Cheyenne de Muriel - Pervy Examination by the Nurse
Sexy Giant Strapon Fuck Cocksucking lessons from his leather clad and booted Bitch. Ball Crushing The British Institution - Beneath Her Boots Daily checkup
Blonde bitchy femdom humiliates, strap-on ass fucks and extracts all the cum from innocent novice slaveboy! Chronic masturbator gets punished with electrical sounding and ruined orgasms! The British Institution - Mercy? She Doesn't Care! Ely's Special Girl Baroness Mercedes - Kinky Clinic
The British Institution - Cruel Mistress Ashleigh Embers Chained For Milking Maitresse Madeline Whips, Fucks and Teases Fresh Euro Meat Mistress Amber and Mistress Heather have a double dom game to play with their slave boy rick.  The sexy Dommes secure their submissive's balls into an intimidating metal device held together by screws called the ball crusher.  The Mistresses take turns picking cards and turning the ball crusher the number of times it says on the card. Booted hot wife british mistress
in CBT
in CBT - Real extreme cock and balls torment
Cock and balls amateur torment. Homemade CBT sessions from the homes of amateur slaves.
Girls Abuse Guys
Girls Abuse Guys - The Only Male Humiliation
Innocent guys get humiliated and fucked by laughing girls.
Femdom Empire
FemDom Empire - Hardcore Dominatrix Video
Latex, Leather, Bondage, Corsets, Slaves Training, Whips, Strapo-on, Fetishes, Punishment and more...
Medical Femdom
Medical Femdom - unexpected embarrassing male physical exam videos
Sperm donation and humiliating medical procedures
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Men are Slaves - Exclusive Female Domination Videos
Exclusive Female Domination Videos
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