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The British Institution
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CBT and Ballbusting - Real Femdoms, Hardcore CBT
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Tony cannot believe how quickly he has got used to being told what to do by the assertive women. It seems perfectly natural to surrender himself to them totally. He babbles on to try and hide his nervousness, but the women aren't fooled for a moment. They are happy to play up to him and stimulate his lithe naked body. Their intoxicating closeness drives him wild as he's trapped between their warm clothed bodies. All the ladies want from banker is obedience while they slowly strip him off and explore his naked body. They don't care how much he earns, they just want to see how big his dick is and how heavy his balls are. Home CFNM examination of a hairy dude Confident businessman Leonard finds himself completely overwhelmed as he’s naked and surrounded. Three women have intruded his room as he’s drying off from his shower. Mesmerized by the sexy hunk they inspect his penis and give him a huge erection. Leonard likes impressing the ladies but he finds the situation has spun out of control as he has an unbearable urge to ejaculate with the women teasing and manipulating his body. The husband training has worked wonders for handsome married stud Bryan. He used to be arrogant and lazy, but now he rushes home from work, takes a hot open shower to get himself properly clean and then acts as a naked butler for his wife and her friends. He cleans and irons completely in the buff allowing them access to all areas of his body. Who wouldn’t dream of having a man like this around the house?
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in CBT
in CBT - Real extreme cock and balls torment
Cock and balls amateur torment. Homemade CBT sessions from the homes of amateur slaves.
Girls Abuse Guys
Girls Abuse Guys - The Only Male Humiliation
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Femdom Empire
FemDom Empire - Hardcore Dominatrix Video
Latex, Leather, Bondage, Corsets, Slaves Training, Whips, Strapo-on, Fetishes, Punishment and more...
Medical Femdom
Medical Femdom - unexpected embarrassing male physical exam videos
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